it's 2010 and curari are back...


curari are original indie rock from yorkshire


in case you haven't heard, curari are 'as comfortingly british as tea, toast and ASBOs', 'rock but not too rock, poppy but a bit brainy, noisy but nice' and on top of that they have 'the best kazoo solo ever' (according to overplay and wrong speed)

eli brings the voice, james turns up the guitar, alec joins on bass and gavin hits things at the back


in 20010 curari will be recording new songs, having new photos taken and designing brand new merchandise, and you'll find out all about it here at curari.co.uk, which will also be improved and expanded


in the mean time, get along to a gig to see them for yourselves and visit their myspace, YouTube and shop to see what else is going on


or contact us at music@curari.co.uk

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