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Band history





Band history


Curari was founded by James Perkin and Eli Lauder in October 2005 after Eli responded to an advert James had placed on the Musofinder website.

James was immediately struck by Eli's incredible voice on her recording of Autumn Leaves whilst Eli was impressed by James' songwriting.

The initial meeting led to weekend rehearsals and soon the duo were performing open mic nights across Yorkshire.

After brief stints performing under the names Eli & James, Jelly and She Rides, they finally settled on Curari, the silent killer poison.

The musical demands which came from playing rock, pop, soul and indie meant that a search for a bassist and drummer was well overdue. Rick Halstead joined on bass in 2006 and played during the band's most prolific gigging period until later 2007, by which point Curari were playing up to 3 gigs per week. Jamie Lochhead was the drummer for the 2006 gigs, being pivotal to the band's branding at this point, designing a logo and superb website. Richard Amery replaced Jamie on drums in 2007, and following the departure of Richard and Rick, Curari took a short break.

In 2008 Richard Towler joined Curari on drums, shortly followed by Alec-Ross Bower on bass. Unusually, there were no gigs or recordings with this line up and Gavin Woodhouse replaced Richard in 2009. A good year followed, with Curari playing live again for the first time in more than a year.

Finally, as Gavin departed late 2009, Ross Moyers joined on drums early 2010. This was to be the last personnel change for Curari.

During this time Curari played venues across Yorkshire including The Faversham, New Roscoe, Joseph's Well, The Arches, Bar 1 Twenty, Mixing Tin, Trash, Atrium, Rio's, Escobar, Carpe Diem and The Hop. The band also accumulated a hardcore following keen to hear the latest Curari had to offer. With more than 30 original songs written and performed during that period, there was plenty to keep the fanbase satisfied!

As well as gigging, the band recorded a number of songs over this period, from demos featuring just Eli and James, to full band recordings. These recordings saw a range of releases, including the release of "No For An Answer" in December 2006 as part of Curari playing the HMV Showcase at Joseph's Well in Leeds. The single reached number one in the Overplay chart in its first week of release and was later reviewed by the website who claimed "Curari have pulled off a little bit of indie pop magic".

In 2011 Curari appeared on Bradford's student radio station, RamAir. Two songs, "1992" and "Grab, Twist and Unscrew" were played and Eli, James and Alec were interviewed on the last unsigned show the station aired.

On 3rd October 2012, almost exactly 7 years after the formation of the band, Curari decided to take a break. The eclectic musical tastes of all 9 members through the years had been Curari's signature and strength, creating diversity on stage and showcasing the wide-ranging abilities of all band members. However, this was to be the reason for the split, as difficulties were encountered finding common ground between rock, soul, funk and metal. This is otherwise known as splitting due to musical differences.

In early 2013 Eli, James, Alec and Ross met again to confirm what was already known: Curari was over. They agreed to bring the band to a close and subsequently released an album of the songs recorded over the seven years. This was released on CD, with copies available from the band's website.

Band history