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Band history





Alec-Ross Bower


Born in: Sheffield

Musical influences: Funk, Rock, Alternative, Classic Rock, Cock-Rock

Favourite piece of music: Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven

Favourite book: Battle Royale - probably one of the greatest stories ever told

Favourite film: Carlito's Way

Favourite flavour crisps: Ready Salted - I like my crisps to be ready

Place I’d most like to visit: Space



Alec-Ross plays bass guitar in Curari and too many videogames outside of practice.

Alec-Ross took his first steps towards music with a completely different instrument than the one he plays now: a Baritone Horn. Playing in his primary school's brass band, Alec went on to play the Trombone and the Tenor Horn until he left for High School. Dropping music all together to focus on his other interests - mainly videogames and drama - Alec didn't do anything musical until he decided to take on a singing career in a local cock-rock band called A-Phunk. After realising he couldn't sing (it took him 3 months), Alec looked at other musical pursuits before finally deciding on the bass guitar; mainly because it was easier to play (or so he thought) and he wanted to impress a girl he fancied. Winning his first bass guitar in a card game, Alec was given influential bass lessons from Lee Smith, the bass player from legendary Leeds band Middleman.


After leaving college and deciding to become a journalist, Alec hopped off to the University of Sunderland with his writing pad and bass guitar in tow. In Sunderland Alec became friends with a hendrix-inspired musician called Rob who took him under his wing and taught him a trick or two. Playing open-mic nights with Rob and singer Stewart, Alec began taking his bass playing a lot seriously; going as far as to miss lectures in order to practice and using his student loan to buy new equipment. After two years of Rocky-like training, Alec took the pseudonym the Ace-ist Bassist as he reached an acceptable standard, so acceptable it was almost exceptional and in 2008 he was picked up by Curari to slapa da bass around Yorkshire.

Alec plays the following in Curari:

Spector Legend 4 Classic
Dubreq Stylophone