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Press pack

21st Century Music

I’ll admit I went straight into this demo, not having researched them before they sent it I just put the CD on and dived in at the deep end. I saw pictures of them live from their press pack and along with song titles such as "Hate You" I actually thought I’d gotten myself a demo from some sort of heavy metal band. But it’s wrong to judge a book by its cover, or a CD in this case.

This is not to say this CD isn’t rock at all. First track "No For An Answer" is a fuzzy guitar number which shows the wide range of singer Eli’s voice and the ease at which James can whip out a guitar solo that ooze elements of glam rock. Lyrically it’s just a strong and forceful when at its best as we hear the tale of an obsessive girl – "You’re the only man that I’m after…I only want to spend some time with you/ And I won’t take no for an answer".

Though to experience the best of the vocals and the calmest of the number, look towards final track ,"Don’t Tell Me", where vocals lose the echo of the first song and soar high like a cross between Deborah Harry and Nina Persson of The Cardigans on a float of guitar that slides back and forward as it mesmerises you.

But let’s not forget the two songs in between here which are a tad more on the different side. "Just Like Me" is a jaunty, more acoustic number which will be favoured by those who believe that the kazoo is an underused instrument in the music world. "Hate You" is the shortest but sadly the weakest number on this number. The instruments are perhaps too fast paced for Eli as she sings the cringe worthy line "I hate you/ and every fucking thing that you do" in an uncomfortable manner it makes it sound like a high school band on their first gig.

So overall there’s promise. "No For An Answer" is just waiting to be played on the radio and "Don’t Tell Me" awaits large crowds to sing along to. So when you hear them on the airwaves and find yourself unable to resist, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Sorry, I couldn’t keep from ending one of my reviews with a bad pun.

15 January 2007