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Music Guru (Jo Pearson)

Live Review Curari @ The Mixing Tin – 26th January 2007   

Curari have a self proclaimed rock, roll, pop and soul sound, which incorporates three awesome musicians, one young angelic female singer and a kazoo… yep I did just say Kazoo!

The songs are all original apart from the start of one, which uses a line from Cher’s ‘It’s in his kiss’. Guitarist James currently writes most of the songs, which draw upon life experiences. These poetic words are then transformed into moving yet lively Alt-pop tunes by the skill and input of the other three band members

Live the band are quite calm and composed but you can tell they are all extremely passionate about the music they are playing, by the atmospheric energy felt when stood listening to their soulful tunes.

At one point in their set, the aforementioned kazoo is played. Very skillfully I must say, yet however much of a memorable gimmick it is, it can do nothing to further enhance the brilliant song writing and intoxicating ambiance of their live sound.

The way the band interact on stage is great to see, they may seem a little subdued but the support, understanding and love of the music between them is easy for everyone to see and draws people to them. You only have to see the way they all patiently wait while guitars are swapped between every song, with Eli at one stage stating in jest, ‘are you nearly done or should I just talk some more?’

Most of the time Eli’s beatific voice is very easy listening and floaty-light, but steps up to a whole other level when she gets to the pronunciation within a song. The high key and powerful endnotes are met with an extremely expressive tone, which could be even more powerful if exploited further.

The backing vocals are good but not used to full potential, as most of the time they are only used for depth rather than contrasting tone & lyrics. When used in contrast to the lead vocals for one of their songs, it developed into a whole other distinctive sound, which would be very marketable

All in all seeing this band live brings on a drug like state as associated with their name, where you feel numb to anything else besides Curari’s music. All you can think about and all you want, for every second, of every minute, of every day, is to hear their passionate songs and be in the presence of their energy

So give them a listen, go to a gig and become addicted to something that feels so good for you it hurts!

5 February 2007